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Chesapeake Cyber provides our students with the critical skills needed to build a career in cyber security. Our educator's academic background and hands-on work experience give us industry-leading expertise not found in many other programs. With 40+ combined years in cyber and education, we provide a unique and in-depth look into security through our CORE curriculum program and interactive simulations through our Cyber Bootcamp. 

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Dr. Richard Dean


  • Grounded in Security with 33 years of experience at the NSA

  • Master teacher with 20+ years at Morgan State

  • Developed an NSA Academic Excellence Program

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Olanrewaju Bucknor


  • Doctoral Cyber Defense Student.

  • Background supporting the Intelligence Community.

  • Expertise in Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and intrusion detection  engineering.

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Sherry Dean


  • Graduated from Brooklyn College with a BA in Health Science.

  • Master’s degree from NYU in Public Admin.

  • Owner of a medical billing company for 22 years, specializing in MANSEF school billing.

Dr. Wondimu Zegeye


  • 8+ years of R&D experience.

  • 4+ years as RF planning and optimization engineer.

  • 4 years of experience as Adj. Professor.

  • Developed curriculums for DHS/NSA CAE-CDE cyber security courses.

About cci

We found Chesapeake Cyber (CC) with a mission to increase the number of well-trained cyber security professionals. Dr. Richard Dean believed that by targeting the core courses of a Master's degree program, it is possible to train better-equipped cyber professionals within a shorter period to fulfill the demand for engineers in cyber security. Our team of instructors has experience, both in the industry and academia, as researchers and educators.


In addition, we help design cyber security solutions and provide consulting services to small businesses and corporations. CC will help walk you through the risks to your cyber environment and assist with developing plans and training to ensure that your company can recover quickly and efficiently. 

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CC's cyber security program offers two certifications. Our CORE curriculum consists of four academic classes covering Cryptography, Network Security, Security in Computers, and Risk Management. Our Cyber Bootcamp consists of two classes and provides a more hands-on and immersive experience. Upon completion of our CORE curriculum classes or our Cyber Bootcamp, you will be eligible for a certificate from Chesapeake Cyber. We also offer each course separately based on your academic needs. We provide a transcript upon completion of each course in our program. 

According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Information Security Analyst's Outlook, cybersecurity jobs are among the fastest-growing career areas nationally. Forbes also highlights some startling statistics:

• There is currently an immense talent gap with 3.5 million jobs to fill in 2021.


• Companies are at high risk of suffering a data breach, as security engineers are hard to find and command top salaries.


• Women only make up 14% of the U.S. cyber security workforce.


• 33% of cybersecurity executives arrived in the industry via non-technical careers.



Allow CCI to give you the keys to unlock your career in cyber. Secure the present, secure your future. 



This is the main core of our service that encompasses for major cyber security courses and a bootcamp immersion program.  

corporates TRAINING

We provide training to corporate employees in the regular CC program or per demand on a specific course as seminars


We provide consulting services in different areas of cyber security. Our team constitute different areas of expertise that is a force to be reckoned. 

Chesapeake Cyber 
2431 Sophia Chase Dr.
Marriottsville, MD 21104


You are one step closer to your cyber career!

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