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  • Make an initial deposit of 50% to secure your seat, then pay the remainder of your tuition within 8 weeks into the course.

  • The program consists of 6 courses including the boot camp and each course costs  $3,000

    • C01 - Intro to Cyber Security -  $3,000

    • C02 - Cryptography                   $3,000

    • C03 - Network Security              $3,000

    • C04 - Risk Management            $3,000

    • C05 - Bootcamp-1                      $3,000

    • C06 - Bootcamp-2                      $3,000

  • Each Course can be taken individually for 3k or complete the total program for 18k

  • Note: Please note how long each course takes individually as well as the entire completed program. 

Applying to CCI

To apply for admission, please download the application form below or fill in the application form below and mail necessary application materials.


Policies & Disclosures 

Application Form 


Place your application Fee $50 !

Thanks for your order!

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